Beautiful galaxy studs

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These beautiful earpieces will do wonders for any girl who is interested in vintage earrings. They look stunningly nice on any girls ear. These earpieces show a nice galaxy which would let every body look twice to your ear to see what it is you have on your ear. The galaxy is something that make a lot of people wonder how small we are. These earrings show that galaxy on a small but extremely well designed circle. The earrings are full of colours wich make them really suitable to combine with flashy outfits but also with more sober clothing as they will give that special touch to the sober colors of your outfit.

Galaxy studs

Galaxy stud earringsThe earrings are round so will be the most suitable for rectangle shaped faces but are actually very suitable for every type of face. This is basically the best thing of vintage studs that when worn correctly they can be mixed with everything in a nice and subtle manner. Basically you will never go wrong wearing these studs combined with some good fitting outfit. These earrings are also available in different colors which you can combine to make them even more standing out. An authentic look for an authentic girl or woman!


Like all our earrings these ones are also made of material that will be perfectly fine to wear for everybody who has allergies. These earrings are hand made of glass and the metal that they are made of is zinq. Glass and zinq are known to be quite neutral materials which would not give an allergic reaction. We advise to first check if you have any allergic reactions to zinc though, if you have than these earrings are not the best choice for you, good news is that we have allot of other studs which don;t contain any zinc at all so you still have enough choice.

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