Angel wing studs

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Beautiful and elegant angel wing stud earrings consisting of silver plated alloy and an Austrian Crystal. The perfect gift for a loved one.



For all the girls and woman who love some earrings that you doesn’t see quite often we have some new beautiful angel wing earrings in our arsenal. These beautiful pieces stand out by their elegance and their luxurious look and feel. The earrings contain a nice Austrian crystal which sits in a nice silver plated cage that look like angel wings which makes these earrings so nice and lovely. If these are not what you are looking for than take a look at our other pieces like our Classical stud earrings or the more vintage galaxy stud earrings


As mentioned earlier these earrings are very eye-catching and exist of a silver plated alloy in the form of angel wings with an Austrian crystal at the bottom of the alloy. Very beautiful and elegant for every women or lady who is up to date with the current fashion. All girls and women that are allergic to any products don’t need to be scared to wear these either as they are silver plated so the material that will touch your ears will be a precious metal which will not give you any allergic reactions.

Angel wing earrings

As you can see these earrings are not only beautiful and elegant but can also do as a present for every different occasion. Just to give to your loved one or as a gift to family, you name it and they can be just what you are looking for. If you wanna sweep the girl that you have an eye on of her feet than this might as well be a suitable gift as she will never expect it. Most women will receive flowers, chocolates or perfume as a gift which will never last long, earrings on the other hand can last a lifetime if the receiver takes care of them. A simple rinse with some jewelry cleaner will make them go a long way and might last them for more than a few years.


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