Hanging cat earrings

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Very funny and authentic hanging cat earrings which are perfect for wearing to events where you don’t need to be too serious.

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Hanging cat earrings are the perfect gift for young and old. These earrings will make your surrounding smile without any doubt. You will make people look twice to your ears and will surely enough be the center of attention for a few minutes when people recognise these authentic earpieces. These will give you a very good and fun day.

When and where to wear hanging cat earrings?

These very unique and authentic earrings are very funny and will immediately draw a smile on all the surrounding people around you. It goes without big explanation that these are the perfect earrings to wear when you go to some not so fancy parties or some gathering where lots of young children will be present. They will make up for a very pleasant atmosphere where you can enjoy a laugh or two. These earrings are not meant to be worn when you will go to prom or another very official meeting or gathering but will be okay to be worn to any other event, if you wish you can even wear them for every day use as the materials used for these are not gonna be affected by any weather conditions what so ever. If you are looking for more elegant and official earpieces than we recommend to take a look at our Diamond line studs for example which are much more suitable for those type of events.


All our earrings are full free of Lead, Nickel and Cadmium and these earpieces consist of Alloy and Acrylic. The earpieces will almost certainly not give you any type of rash or any other related skin irritation as we don’t use any materials that can hurt human skin. The earrings are also designed in that way that your ears will stay comfortable while wearing these funny earpieces, they are not heavy in any way so you can enjoy wearing them all day round.


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