Classical stud earrings

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A beautiful classical stud consisting of:

  • The metal is 18 carat gold plated
  • 8mm. crystal of 2 carats made in Austria
  • Cadmium, nickel and lead free so no allergic reactions
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These beautiful classical studs are a timeless piece of fashion. These earrings deserve a place in every girls jewelry box. These classical studs consist of top quality gold or platinum plated metal. They come with a 2 carat crystal crafted in Austria to provide top quality. The stone is 8mm diameter. These studs are free of nickel, cadmium and lead which means that you will not have any allergic reactions.

When to wear?

We at Free Stud Earrings wear these pieces regularly on different occasions. These earrings can fit on occasions like weddings although you might want to stand more in the picture on special occasions. In everyday life like going to the office these studs are perfect. We are constantly on the lookout to find new pieces to expand our inventory so that we have a variations for every different occasion. Depending on your personality you might want to consider these studs on specific occasions only and go with the other less classical studs for every day to the office.

The perfect gift

Diamond earrings are always a good idea as a present for a woman, you can never go wrong with beautiful studs as a present. A birthday present or just because. These studs will be suitable to give as a present whatever the occasion may be. We at Free Stud Earrings are sure that the receiver will be very happy with these studs.

Suitable outfits

The best outfit for these studs would be a simple plain dress or some jeans and a simple top. If you want to go with more in the picture outfits than we would advise to consider the vintage studs or maybe some more special type of studs. These classical studs are made to fit a classical wardrobe. You always have the option to mix and match though if you want to be a bit adventurous.

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