Ear piercing studs

There are many different types of piercing jewelry and ear piercing studs are one of these. These studs have become common components of ear piercings. This is known as the process of making holes in the edges or lobes of the ears allowing wearing of earrings.

What are Stud Earrings Anyway?

Stud earrings are commonly types of ear jewelry which is made up of small components that fits into the earlobe and does not hang down. While sizes of stud earrings vary, earrings which extend beyond the earlobes ‘perimeters are not really included in this given definition. The common identifying features of stud earrings are is the manner on how these pieces of jewelry are fitted to the ears and in almost all instances, these are affixed with post instead of a hook. Materials used and shape of the materials can also vary a bit.

There is actually a broad range on the quality of the stud earrings. Some pairs available in the market today are inexpensive and are crafted from non-precious metals. On the other hand, there are also stud earrings that carry decent and costly value. These earrings are commonly made from precious metals like platinum, gold and white gold. Adornments can also be made of some precious stones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphire. The quality and size of the stone mainly determines the cost of the earring.

The Ear Piercing Studs – Essential Things You Need to Know

Ear piercing studs are designed for use with piercing guns. These exist of a sharpened bar with a jewelry in one end and butterfly cap which closes over the sharpened end. Jewelry is usually in 20-gauge and is made of stainless steel. Ear piercing studs are also intended for use on earlobes however, there are some manufacturers of studs that can be used in cartilage. Nevertheless, individuals need to realize that using these jewelries on other parts of the body can be a bit risky. Ear piercing studs are not really meant to be the usual body jewelry. Independent of all risks commonly linked with piercing guns, the piercing studs are more suitable for ear piercing and not accessorizing for the following reasons:

  • Gauge-Ear piercing studs are usually 16ga or 18ga. This is considered to be so small to do much body piercing safely.
  • Length- Ear piercing studs are not so long. These types of earrings were specially designed for the purpose of ear piercing and majority of body piercing passes through many tissues. Thus, making use of ear piercing studs may compress or damage the tissue making it harder to heal.

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