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contact usWant to let us know what you think about our service? You can fill in the contact form below to contact us. We are always happy to read the feedback from our customers or potential buyers. We will use all the feedback we receive to make our website and products better and to serve our customers in a better way.

We listen to our customers

A lot of companies ask their customers to provide them with feedback in forms of surveys, email newsletters or contact forms. We believe that as long as our customers are happy we will receive positive feedback. For this reason we will never ask to fill in any survey or send a lot of newsletters. We provide a simple way to get in contact so that you have the possibility to make your voice heard. Eventually we will try to provide you with the best experience you can ask for. When we receive enough feedback and suggestions we can make this possible. On our own we can only do so much but with a small bit of guidance from our customers and potential customers we can try to optimize the user experience the whole way. We would gladly ask everybody that finds an issue on our website. Everybody that thinks that something can be made better. Let us know so we can improve.

Request a certain earring

Did you saw some earrings somewhere but you are not sure where you can get them? Contact us and we will try our best to get similar or the same earrings for you. Our main goal is to provide everybody with nice and unique earrings that make for good authentic jewels. We want you to stand out of the crowd. How better to do that than with some unique fashionable earrings?