Classical earrings

When we think about classical earrings we think about studs. The diamond studs are probably one of the oldest type of earrings today. They are still one of the most used earrings in the world. These beauties will never go out of style. The good thing about classical earrings is that they also suit lots of different outfits from your every day wardrobe wich make them classics. We at free stud earrings are very eager to wear these classical stud earrings. When we don’t know what to wear these earrings will always be some of our favorites and never let us down.


When we have an occasion were there is some kind of dress code it is important for us to look formal. Formal wear and classical earrings go hand in hand. These beauties fit into every different occason what makes them the perfect ensemble in our outfits. These classical studs contain just a single stone. They are able to give that small extra touch to our ensembles. The perfect fit for so many different occasions. It doesn’t matter if we go to prom or we go to our work, these beauties will fulfill their purpose in all these occasions.

Classical earrings

Classical earringsYou can see on the right that these earrings are made to address the beauty of the woman that is wearing them. The best thing about these earrings is the fact that they can be worn on any type of clothing. Every different type of face will be able to wear them. Classical and still be able to go with modern day fashion. The earrings are the right size for all type of faces. Sometimes it is not advised to wear a certain type of earring on a certain face structure. This is not the case with these fine beauties. We advise every woman to have a pair of these ones in their collection.

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