Funny earrings

Everybody who viewed our gallery of earrings most probably found out that we have some funny earrings. One of our most sold earrings are the cat earrings these earrings are for everyday occasions and are bound to make you recognized. The cats that hang on your ear will make people smile, we are almost certain of that […]

Classical earrings

When we think about classical earrings we think about studs. The diamond studs are probably one of the oldest type of earrings today. They are still one of the most used earrings in the world. These beauties will never go out of style. The good thing about classical earrings is that they also suit lots […]

Ear piercing studs

There are many different types of piercing jewelry and ear piercing studs are one of these. These studs have become common components of ear piercings. This is known as the process of making holes in the edges or lobes of the ears allowing wearing of earrings. What are Stud Earrings Anyway? Stud earrings are commonly […]